Rita Ora - You and I

8.0 out of 10.0 stars

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Music Review

Artist: Rita Ora

Genre: Dance

Release Date: July 2023

Label: BMG


Rita Ora is known as vocally talented. She sings dance vocals that are hits, such as Ritual--my favorite. I did not find any songs in her album like Ritual or anything that stuck out as superb. I think Rita will have a long singing career. She is one of my favorite female vocalists.

Musical Style and Production

Don't Think Twice: The music style is dance, while the production is studio quality. There are violins in the music. Rita's vocals are made for the club as she develops emotion through instrumentals into her dancefloor vocals. The music flows, rather than feels jerky.

You Only Love Me: There are no violins. I like the instrumentals in this song as well.

Unfeel It: Same.

Waiting For You: Same.

You and I: Same.

Shape of Me: Same.

Look At Me Now: Same.

Notting Hill: Same.

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: Same.

Lyrics and Themes

Don't Think Twice: The song is made for the wallflower who just stands watching everyone with Rita telling him/her to pick someone to dance with as it could change their love life.

You Only Love Me: This is a sad song as her lover only loves her when the night is over, she obviously deserves more.

Unfeel It: I did not like the lyrics. The storytelling was terrible, how do people live like that? I guess when you are fully in love, somehow.

Waiting For You: I like these lyrics more. I think Rita does better with positive lyrics.

You and I: Rita does much better with positive lyrics.

Shape of Me: I thought the lyrics were really good.

Look At Me Now: I thought the lyrics were excellent.

Notting Hill: This song sounds like it came from personal experience, good work.

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: She is having thoughts of being with another man? Good storytelling.

Vocals and Performance

Don't Think Twice: Vocals are best when Rita sings at the songs peaks as it is a dance song. Her range is average with good control; yet, would like to hear more emotional delivery throughout the song, due to her talent.

You Only Love Me: Rita could really be outstanding if she sang more than simply say her vocals--I think she is that good.

Unfeel It: Rita sang more here, but I did not hear grand vocals.

Waiting For You: The vocals were better overall, except there were no peaks or grand vocals. I was waiting for her.

You and I: Rita's vocals are better here overall, but lacked peaked vocals.

Shape of Me: The vocals were good, almost great, heard a few peaks.

Look At Me Now: This is Rita's best performance on the album.

Notting Hill: This song is good, it has a little of everything vocally.

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: The vocals were solid.

Songwriting and Composition

Don't Think Twice: The song is catchy, good dance music for the club.

You Only Love Me: Same.

Unfeel It: I don't know if this song should play in clubs.

Waiting For You: This song could play in clubs, not sure.

You and I: This song is catchy.

Shape of Me: very catchy song.

Look At Me Now: This song is very catchy, love it.

Notting Hill: This song is catchy, because I think she wrote it.

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: The song was catchy.

Impact and Emotion

Don't Think Twice: Rita is known for her relationship-driven taste, which is expected and evoked this emotion.

You Only Love Me: I was hoping the song would end happily, but the music video showed otherwise.

Unfeel It: I feel disgust by the emotion of the lyrics and song, not in her singing.

Waiting For You: I was waiting for Rita to show off her strong vocal peaks.

You and I: I heard more vocals throughout the song, except strong peaked vocals.

Look At Me Now: This song evokes a comeback emotion, which is impactful.

Notting Hill: This song evokes personal experience, we get to see her past.

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: I get mixed emotions about her life, but it brings club emotions.

Standout Tracks

Shape of Me: This track is her second-best song on the album as it has good vocals all around, she reached deep for emotion based on memories.

Look At Me Now: This song is her best on the album, did she write it?


Overall, Rita get a 4/5. Rita's vocals sound kind of country mixed with dance, which is unique. She could make a country album and get away with it, while doing a dance album the next time.

Don't Think Twice: 4/5

You Only Love Me: 4/5

Unfeel It: 3/5

Waiting For You: 3.5/5

You and I: 4/5

Shape of Me: 4.5/5

Look At Me Now: 4.75/5

Notting Hill: 4/5

I Don't Want to Be Your Friend: 4/5

Number of stars: 4/5