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Rainmaker - Book Review
by Ricardo Santiago Soto, MBA


Rainmaker, by Hughes Norton, and George Peper (Atria Books, 2024)

Harvard alum, Hughes Norton, MBA, brings his personal experiences to highlight a noteworthy life at IMG. The author covers personal conversations and observations as the executive assistant of Mark McCormack at International Management Group in Cleveland, Ohio. Norton absorbs golf industry, lives its history, through McCormack's IMG and leadership. The author illustrates how McCormack is always a step ahead of everyone, because he rises early, writes and mails fifty letters a day. Always the networker was part of Mark's vision, always working internally for the outside world to see. Norton says McCormack's life became one big tax deduction. Mark compensated well for bright ideas, keeping executives around. The author paints big pictures, while casting finer detailed entries. Norton provides insight into various deal-makings with talent and businesses. Hughes shows how IMG grew from one talent to a multimillion talent powerhouse. The author reveals his involvement in IMG, such as managing the golf division. You will want to add this book to your Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer (2017), What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School (1989), and Mark H. McCormack on Negotiating (1995) reading list.

5 out of 5 stars