Quiz Lady (2023)

4 out of 5 stars

Ricardo Reviews


Quiz Lady is ANNE YUM (Awkwafina) who has been watching the game show, since she was 4 years old. Anne Yum knows every question, which her sister JENNY YUM (Sandra Oh) realizes she can make a lot of money from answering game show questions. TERRY MCTEER (Will Ferrell) is the game show host. Anne Yum sister records Anne Yum answering questions and posts it online, which goes viral. Anne Yum is an instant internet celebrity. Anne Yum does not like attention and is embarrassed by it all. Anne Yum comes in contact with her mom's loan shark. Now, Anne Yum must make money somehow to save her mother and dog. Anne Yum sister she must go on the game show to make money to save the day. The two travel to Philadelphia to be cast into the game show. Anne Yum is nervous, but her sister helps her deal with her nerves. Anne Yum is high on drugs causing her to miss many questions until she reverses her highness. Anne Yum eventually gets cast for Can't Stop the Quiz. Anne Yum does a terrible job without her dog. Jenny Yum gets Anne Yum's service dog and brings to show. Anne Yum makes a comeback nearly winning the game in a head-to-head battle with RON HEACOCK (Jason Schwartzman). Ron Heacock takes the game lead again. Anne Yum and Jenny Yum play Show It barely winning the final round. There was a happy ending with Anne Yum becoming the longest winning guest on the show.


This is not your typical thriller or drama plot as it was a comedy. Anne Yum has a fear of attention that she faces straight on with the help of Terry McTeer and Jenny Yum along with Anne's service dog. It is Terry McTeer who tells Anne Yum to go out and have fun as a contestant as it may be her last show. Anne Yum and Jenny Yum work together using old memories to bypass Anne Yum's psychological barrier, which lets the story move forward. Overall, the plot is good. The acting is very good by Awkwafina, especially when she is having her meltdown. We see various emotions from Awkwafina throughout the movie, which is believable. The set design is basic, but gets by. The music is entertaining. Overall, the movie gets a B grade, which is good for a comedy. I recommend this movie to comedy seekers and to those who do not normally watch comedy movies.

4 out of 5 stars