4 out of 5 stars

Ricardo Reviews

S1.E1 Pilot


Based on the events leading up to president ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Hamish Linklater) assassination by JOHN WILKES BOOTH (Anthony Boyle), as well as, investigation by EDWIN STANTON (Tobias Menzies). The killing of president Lincoln took place one-third into the episode as various timelines reveal what took place after the Civil War ended. Lincoln received death threats, but celebrated anyway along with the union. One secretary was stabbed on the night Lincoln was assassinated at a theatrical performance at his booth overlooking the stage. John Wilkes Booth saw himself as on the verge of being famous through the act of killing the president, rather than commit to acting. John Wilkes Booth went on the run with a horse and broken leg. Edwin Stanton put pieces together at the scene of the crime and hotel room along with interviews to pinpoint the murder.


Based on true events and written as a drama series, we get a glimpse into the world of two competing parties brought together into a conflict of murder. This is the early United States where Secret Service was not created yet to protect the president. Instead the president is left vulnerable, while enjoying a theatrical play. I did not feel emotion when Lincoln was assassinated, which begs for more connection to the president in the form of a speech or other events to have been added. Rather, I was moved by the investigating and putting pieces together, which is the title of the drama series. I learned more about the assassination from episode one making great educational value for the classroom. The acting was fair, the set design was good, music was intriguing, and writing was very good. Therefore, I recommend this episode for its historical importance, and I look forward to further episodes.

4 out of 5 stars