Life on Our Planet

5 out of 5 stars

Ricardo Reviews

S1.E1 The Rules of Life


MORGAN FREEMAN is the narrator as he takes us 2 million years away when dinosaurs roamed Earth. We see two Sabretooth Cat's and a Tera Bird. Morgan says what we are to witness tells us how dynasties came about to today. The narrator says sharks as seen today have existed for hundreds of millions of years. "Birds are the last survivors of the dinosaurs," declared Freeman. Morgan says there are 10 million species of plant/animal today making 1% of all that have existed before. We start 4 billion years ago. The narrator says Earth may have had the right chemistry for life to be created from a cell called Luca where all living came from. About 450 million years ago life developed in the ocean taking different plant forms with one dynasty toppling the previous. Invertebrates lived on land, but not forever. Amphibians came next limited by their proximity to water, while the reptiles surpassed them. Until the dinosaurs ruled for 150 million years. Calamity ended the dinosaur, but the mammal appeared to take their place. Freeman says rule 1 is "the best adapted will always win through." Between similar species competition drives evolution, which can either adapt or become extinct. Mass extinction can be caused by inhaling smoke, due to Earth volcano eruptions for thousands of years. Or, by water, due to storms that wipe out mass species. Or, an asteroid the size of a Mountain can cause mass extinction.


This is not animation or computerized graphics as you have seen before. Rather, you see dinosaurs as if they were just alive and moving in real-time. Whatever is used makes the display a masterpiece as we know the history, but now it comes alive for us to enjoy. It is truly hard to make the distinction between what is real and what is created, due to the visual effects/animation. There is a lot of history within this film all chronologically laid out. You can see how creation started and evolution evolved as species fought for survival. It was the push for the next step that helped species to evolve in their quest to not be extinct. Survival of the fittest. This episode is excellent and strongly recommend the series.

5 out of 5 stars