7 out of 10 score

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OVERVIEW gets an overall score of 7, due to receiving a 10 for offering a life planner, 9 for its user experience, 8 for its content, and 1 for social media.

PROFILE is a simple platform to set and organize your vision board, goals, projects, as well as, weekly/daily to-do lists as you see fit. For further information visit

USER EXPERIENCE is really easy to use, once you understand where everything is located and how to navigate the platform. I enjoy planning my life goals, having a vision board housing logos, keeping projects on my dashboard, and reviewing my weekly tasks often.


There is not much content, you set up your own content, which is nice based on your planning.


I did not find any social media links for


10 for Profile

9 for User Experience

8 for Content

1 for Social

7 Overall Score (28 / 4 = 7)